LAVENDEL SPA Sauna and Relaxation Centre

We opened Lavendel Spa Sauna and Relaxation Centre in the October 2014.

The new sauna and relaxation centre is located on the ground floor (0-floor) of Lavendel Spa Hotel and it is possible to enjoy four different saunas there:
relaxing sauna, steam sauna, salt sauna and – very familiar to Estonians – smoke sauna.

In addition to the previous, there is a pool with massage nozzles, a counterflow unit and a waterfall, a refreshing jacuzzi bath aka hot tub spa, a warm 41°C Japanese bath and especially bracing and fresh cold water bath in the cosy relaxation centre.

Different saunas, different traditions: but most important is that all of them will cleanse both your mind and your body!

Come and enjoy the experience!

Lavendel Spa Sauna and Relaxation Centre open every day 9am – 10pm

Spa reception: +372 58 801 398

PRICES 2017 Mo–Thu
9:00 – 22:00
Fri, Sat and Sun
9:00 – 22:00

Adult 10 € 15.00 €

4-14.years (including)
6.00 €
6.00 € (9:00-18:00)

Discount time for pensiones
(with a relevant document)
6.00 €/2 hours

2 adults + 3 children up to
14 years (including)
25 €
35 €



No time limit
Entry to children aged up to 14 years (included) have access to the Lavendel Spa Sauna and Relaxation Centre only accompanied by an adult at Mo-Su 9:00-18:00
Entry to children aged 0-3 with a parent is free
The sauna centre visitor has the chance to enjoy four different saunas (steam – salt sauna, steam sauna, relaxing sauna and smoke sauna),
swim in a small pool under a waterfall, relax in a Japanese bath, enliven and freshen themselves in a jacuzzi.
There is an opportunity to order drinks and snacks from the spa menu
Spa offers relaxing procedures – available for extra fee
On national holidays the weekend prices apply in Lavendel Spa Hotel
Lavendel Spa Hotel has a right to change prices
Bigger groups have the chance to book the whole complex – 250 € / 1 hour

Info and reservations:
Hotel reception: +372 60 35 900 (24 h)
Spa reception: +372 58 801 398