Payot Detox Absolut –restorative facial treatment for complexion and shine
70 min – 45 €

A detoxifying treatment that increases the level of essential functions of the facial skin and improves its shine. After facial cleansing and light peeling a special mask is applied on the skin. The magnets in this mask help to improve blood circulation and the production of new skin cells. To remove the special care mask, innovative magnets and techniques are used. You can immediately see a visible result in the form of a clear skin and a smooth complexion.


Sothys Inspiration Art & beauté  Signature body care
75 min – 65 €

Similarly to art, beauty excites our senses and creates emotions.

A new sensual and unique treatment combines colours, massage and music… and turns them into a relaxing, energy providing and nourishing body treatment.

  • A body scrub containing blue iris extract and corn oil is like the freshness of the open water. It removes peeling skin efficiently and gives the skin softness and elasticity.
  • Sunflower oil that reminds of the hot sun and the woody and spicy massage cream with yellow tulip extract soften and nourish the skin.
  • The body wrap contains red water lily extract and shea butter which nourish, moisturise and soften the skin. The musk flower aroma reminds of a stroll through a fragrant flower garden.
  • After the care the mind is cleansed, the skin is softer, more nourished and delicately scented.

Discover colourful feelings!


Perfect Shape professional treatment for face, neck and décolletage
45 min – € 45

New beauty ritual for all women 25 or older to preserve or restore their facial contour and youthfulness of décolletage area.
The treatment is inspired by two dermo-aesthetic techniques: ultrasound and mesonites. Special massage technique to firm the skin. Mask’s active ingredients have both firming and toning effect. The treatment is also suitable for men.

Visible signs: sagging skin, fat accumulation in the lower part of the face (double chin) and drooping jawline. Loss of facial contour or neck wrinkles may be caused by some biological or hormonal changes (weight increase, diets, medications, etc.)

To make the effects of the treatment last longer, use PERFECT SHAPE serum!

All SPA procedures are performed in the Beauty Centre of Lavendel Spa, on the basement!

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