The Lavender Spa Beauty Center is a MARY COHR showroom


We provide our guests with facial treatments that we do with MARY COHR products. Natural ingredients and herbal extracts have made it possible to create high quality skin care products.

Mary Cohr is a French professional cosmetic series that has fascinated women all over the world for nearly 40 years. The series is based on aromatherapy and combines harmony between pure nature and science.

Check out Mary Cohr’s new face and body treatments at Lavender Spa Beauty Center.

Mary Cohr belongs to the Guinot Group, which has its own research laboratory and manufacturing facility. Since 2007, the company has met ISO 22716 and ISO 14001 production standards, which ensure high quality products. The company has also been certified by the United States FDA, which means that Mary Cohr is also recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe and of high quality. Mary Cohr products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, genetically modified organisms and are not tested on animals.

Lavender Spa Beauty Center’s alluring keywords are natural treatments: relaxing body treatments with aromatic balms, pleasant massages, soothing bath procedures, effective and enjoyable treatments for men, plus a wellness pedicure and more. Peppermint, jasmine, linden blossom, rosemary and orange are just a small selection of everything that is included in our treatments.

We use Mary Cohr products for beauty treatments. Mary Cohr is a professional skin care line that offers the power of pure nature. The treatments make the essential oils contained in the products, such as lavender, sage and rosemary, which provide not only sensual pleasure but also relaxation of the whole body particularly enjoyable.

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Mary Cohr equipment treatments


Mary Cohr manual treatments
AGE FIRMING facial treatment 60 min 65 €
Cleaning and relaxing facial treatment for men 50 min 45 €

Firming facial massage treatment 30 min 28 €
Facial cleaning (mechanical) 60 min 40 €
Eyebrow threading and shaping 20 min 7 €
Eyebrow threading and shaping with wax 20 min 8 €
Eyebrow coloring 20 min 7 €
Eyelash coloring 20 min 7 €

Body treatment with lavender scrub and massage 60 min 45 €
Shine-giving gold-rowan body treatment with massage 60 min 45 €
Body peeling with aromatic seasalt scrub 30 min 25 €
Peeling body massage with warm chocolate 45 min 40 €
Titanium treatment with massage for men 60 min 45 €

Aromatic Lavendel milk bath with honey and vanilla 20 min 16 €
Massage bath with pine thorn seasalt 20 min 16 €
Skin rejuvenating oxygen bath treatment 20 min 19 €
Skin rejuvenating oxygen bath treatment for two (Dual Bath) 30 min 25 €
Romantic Sparkling Bath for Two (Dual Bath) 45 min 35 €

Relaxing massage with lavender balm 60 min 40 €
Classical body massage 60 min 42 €
Classical body massage 30 min 25 €
Relaxing headmassage 20 min 20 €
Gentle body treatment with massage for the future mother 50 min 42 €

Classical manicure 45 min 22 €
Classical manicure with nail polish 60 min 25 €
Classical manicure with gel-nail polish 90 min 35 €
Gel-nail polich remove 15 min 8 €
Hot paraffin filled gloves 30 min 15 €

Calves 30 min 17 €
Whole legs 45 min 26 €
Arms 20 min 15 €
Armpits 15 min 15 €
Upper lip 10 min 8 €

* All depilations are made with the Mary Cohr warm and delicate wax mask

60 min – 50 €
A unique tailor made facial that provides an in depth treatment for each skin types by using an exclusive Mary Cohr´s famous CatioVital Cellular Energy device with its two exclusive function: deep-cleansing and in-depth penetration of the active ingredients. Treatment consists of 3 phases:

  1. Deep cleaning. A thermal mask is applied which creates a soothing sauna effect (much nicer than the usual steaming process). The heat triggers the elimination of toxins and excess sebum from the skin.
  2. Dynamic ionisation. The Beauty Therapist select the Serum Gels best suited to the client´s Beauty Goal. Thanks to unique dynamic ionisation process, active ingredients penetrate deep down into the skin to spectaculary enhance and rejuvenate the face.
  3. Massage with essential oils. Oils are chosen according to client skin’s needs and concerns.

Results: Results are visible after the first treatment: leaving skin deeply cleansed, soothed, radiant and rehydrated. As a real tailor made treatment, it provides for oily skin purity, for mature skin visibly younger looking skin, it will soothe sensitive skin and nourish the dry skin.

60 min – 55 €
The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30.
This facial is a unique and exclusive treatment using a stimulation function of the patented CatioVital Lift appliance which has immediate and spectacular lifting effects.
CatioLift is firming treatment for face and neck, which visibly smoothes all fine lines, lifts and fills wrinkles and firms the skin. Particular attention is given to the eye area so that a more youthful result is achieved. Treatment consists of 3 phases:

  1. Tissues draining stimulation. Tissues drainage stimulates micro-circulation and drains toxins. This phase makes skin look more radiant and fresh by eliminating excess liquids from tissues.
  2. Muscular stimulation: This phase stimulates muscles by using the low-frequency current which intensity can be adjusted according to the customer’s sensitivity and makes this treatment very comfortable for the client.
  3. Relaxing massage with essential oils, oils are chosen according to skins needs and concerns.

Results: The facial features are visibly smoother and the face looks younger. After the first treatment, the skin is tight, wrinkles are smoothed, the eyes are ‘open’ and the facial contours lifted.

90 min min – 65 €
Exclusive facial treatment CatioLift Deluxe is a combination of the Mary Cohr’s two most popular treatments CatioVital + CatioLift , which gives the  perfect result for the skin. Treatment consists of 5 phases:

  1. Deep cleaning with a thermal mask.
  2. Dynamic ionisation with serum-gels
  3. Muscular stimulation which gives lifting effect.
  4. Relaxing massage with essential oils.
  5. Customised application the masks which gives smoothness to a skin.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30.

Results: Instant lifting effect, the facial skin and neck is tight, wrinkles smoothed. Skin is beautiful, moisturised, clean and complexion is radiant.

60 min – 45 €
This is a customized skincare treatment based on aromatic essential oils and can be adapted to suit all individual skincare concerns: balancing, soothing, stimulating, moisturising or revitalising. It features our signature massage, using digital pressure points and shiatsu massage techniques. Only the finest natural ingredients are used in this perfect spa treatment, which gives a nice relaxation and well-being. Treatment consists of 2 phases:

  1. Facial massage. The facial massage improves the circulation in the skin, drains the lymphatic fluids and stimulates the pressure points in the face to release facial tension.  For massage Beauty Therapists chooses essential oils that are best suitable for the skin type and needs.
  2. Customised mask. Application of Mary Cohr five plant mask, which moisturises, softens, tones and relaxes the skin and smoothes fine lines.

Results: Relaxed, beautiful and radiant skin. Skin is loaded with energy, all the functions of the skin are balanced, comfortable feeling restored. The good mood is guaranteed!

60  minutes – 65 €
A skin renewal treatment with acids that erases visible signs of ageing, recovers a radiant complexion, lightens pigment spots and smooths wrinkles.

  1. During the first stage of the treatment, dead skin cells are removed with acids. This activates the regeneration of new skin cells, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, and inhibits the production of excessive melanin.
  2. This is followed by a relaxing massage on the face, neck and décolleté. The massage is performed with a serum enriched with active ingredients, which increases cellular activity, and nourishes and moisturises the skin deep down.
  3. After the massage, the face is covered with an alginate mask that soothes and nourishes the skin and enhances its protective function. Finally, the skin is treated with suitable creams.

After the treatment, the face looks visibly younger. The skin is radiant and bright, the skin tone is more even, wrinkles are smoother and pigment spots are lighter.

60 min – 65 €
Rejuvenating facial treatment.
Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and tonicity, and becomes thinner. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the skin. The new treatment restores the skin’s elasticity and tightness, and shapes the facial oval, providing an excellent alternative to beauty injections.
The treatment consists of four phases:
1. In the first phase, a double exfoliation (enzymatic and mechanical) is performed to thoroughly remove dead skin cells. After the exfoliation, the skin is silky soft and ready to absorb active ingredients.
2. The exfoliation is followed by a massage, where the combination of firming-stimulating massage techniques and an abundant firming serum shape the facial oval and lift the facial contours.
3. After the massage, each wrinkle is treated with a hyaluronic acid serum, which fills the wrinkles and restores the smoothness of the skin.
4. In the end, special masks and final creams that revitalise the skin, restore its shine and give it an instant firming effect are applied to the face, neck and neckline.
Results: the results of the treatment are immediately visible to the eye – the skin is smooth and toned, the facial oval is shaped, and the facial contours are lifted.
The treatment is rejuvenating in nature, and is therefore suitable for those who are 30 and older.

Firming facial massage treatment
30 min – 28 €
During the first stage of the treatment dead skin cells are removed from the skin using an exfoliant containing papaya enzymes. This is following by a facial massage, which efficiently energizes the skin’s mechanisms of action. Blood supply to the skin improves; the skin is enriched with oxygen, which in turn restores the skin’s radiance. Unique massage techniques for toning facial muscles help to restructure and raise the contours of the face. At the end of the treatment a toning facial cream is applied to the face.
Following the treatment the skin is noticeably more supple and shinier, the facial muscles are formed and with a more youthful appearance.

Classical body massage
60 min – 42 €
30 min – 25 €
Classic massage techniques consist of stroking, rubbing of the skin and the subcutaneous layer of skin, the kneading of muscles, vibrations and a series of light striking manoeuvres.
Classic massage primarily activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, boosts metabolism, reduces headaches and muscle aches. At the same time, the massage has a positive effect in the case of mental as well as physical stress – classic massage techniques restore energy and correct muscle tone. Massage increases the body’s resistance to disease, while the kneading of muscles leads toxins out of the body and boosts metabolism. The result is either relaxing or invigorating, depending on the technique employed.
The strength and intensity of the treatment will be selected based on the client’s wishes and indications for the region. Please inform us of any requests that you may have when making your reservation, so that the masseuse is able to take your preferences into account.

Romantic Sparkling Bath for Two (Dual Bath)
45 min – 35 €
What could be more wonderful…candles, romantic music, French champagne bubbling in a glass as well as a bathtub…time for only yourselves!
In addition, the natural carbonisation of champagne helps to tone your skin, stimulate your immune system and improve your metabolism.
A gentle caress for your senses and body!

Skin rejuvenating oxygen bath treatment
20 min – 19 €
30 min – 25 € (for two – Dual Bath)
An oxygen bath offers experiences that are aesthetically and emotionally pleasant.
An oxygen bath, which renews your body, makes you feel more refreshed and younger. Billions of micro molecules stimulate the body’s immune system and collagen production in the skin, which has an anti-aging effect. Fine bubbles of oxygen cover the body, reach pores and speed up the skin’s metabolism at the same time. The oxygen bath promotes circulation, moisturising and the deep cleaning of the skin. Trimming and rejuvenating action, smooths cellulite and makes the skin silky.