Orange-cinnamon body treatment
60 min – 38 €

Aromatic and warming body treatment for the winter months with a sweet-pungent cinnamon and orange scent! The treatment begins with exfoliating the entire body with an orange-sea salt body scrub. This is followed by a massage with warming cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a strong antiseptic, warms the whole body and stimulates the heart, blood circulation and cell renewal. The treatment increases the elasticity of the skin and effectively combats cellulite.

Excellent winter body treatment will make you feel great and boost your health!


Magnesium bath
20 min – 16 € / regular price 19 €/

A magnesium bath is a great place to relax – both mentally and physically. A full-body bath helps restore your body’s magnesium reserves even faster.

The magnesium flakes added to the bathwater, combined with air and water jets, give you a more effective outcome on magnesium uptake and give your body extra energy. Magnesium bath helps to relax muscles, relieve foot pain and cramps. A pleasant bath that relieves fatigue, alleviates stress, calms the nervous system and ensures a good night’s sleep.

All SPA procedures are performed in the Beauty Centre of Lavendel Spa, on the basement!

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